Our Facilities

Modern Classrooms

- Spacious, well-lit rooms equipped with smart boards, projectors, and audio-visual aids to enhance learning.

State-of-the-Art Laboratories

- Fully-equipped labs for subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science, ensuring hands-on practical experience.


- A vast collection of books, journals, e-books, and digital resources. Quiet study areas and computer stations for research and study.

Sports Complex

- Football and soccer fields , Volleyball and tennis courts, an athletic track, and facilities for indoor sports like table tennis and badminton.

Boarding Facilities

- Comfortable dormitories, common lounges, recreational areas, and 24/7 supervision for boarders.

Arts and Culture Center

- Spaces for dance, drama, music classes. An auditorium for performances, presentations, and assemblies.

Health & Wellness Center

- On-site clinic with qualified medical personnel, counseling rooms, and wellness programs.

Technology Hub

- Computer labs, e-learning platforms, and digital resources to foster tech-savviness and digital literacy.

Playgrounds and Green Spaces

- Open areas for students to relax, play, and engage in outdoor activities.

Recreation and Common Areas

- Spaces for students to unwind, socialize, and engage in leisure activities.

Safety and Security Measures

- CCTV surveillance, secure entry-exit points, and trained security personnel ensuring a safe environment for students and staff.

Transportation Services

- A fleet of well-maintained buses equipped with safety measures for student commutation.

Specialized Rooms

- Spaces dedicated to specific activities, like a language room, or a meditation center.